Hi! Welcome to Heavens Angels and Paso Fino. When I first started these pages I had no real direction, it was just something I felt I had to do. In the past few years I have filled these pages with family photos, brag pages, inspirational and spiritual poetry, pages about my friends, my Prayer Page, information on horse care and Paso Fino's & a list of links.

I plan to continue with the above, my emphasis being family, prayer, Paso Finos inspirational writings and information on my disabilities. I hope you all will be patient with me, and continue to come back to see what I have added and changed often. I'm in the process of redoing my site now that I finally have a computer, and God only knows how long it will take me:o) But I am letting him lead me.

So if you're interested in reading about other peoples families, horses & prayer you've defiently came to the right place! So pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable and visit for awhile!!

Oh, don't forget to stop in and sign our guestbook so we'll know you've been here! Thanks!

I want to apologize to those who have signed my guestbook or tried to email me between Sept. & Dec. 2000, I switched from a webtv to a computer and am just now getting around to changing all my info. An oversight on my side. Thanks for understanding.

Angi's Prayer Request Coming Soon
Noel For Noela
Introducing Noela Noela's Joy
Noela Our Little Angel
~*~For My Love~*~ A Tribute To My Family
Noela's Limo Ride Introducing Buckito
Buckito Pics More of Buckito
A Trusting Moment & 1st Show My Past Horses
Motherhood Fatherhood
Figure your Budget My Webrings
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Horse Pages

Horses With Wings - Paso finos Paso Fino Training
Trickhorse Training A Horses Prayer
Horse Tips & FYI Horse Health Tips & General Info
Rate Your Horses Condition Buying and Selling FAQ
Cold Weather Tips Groundwork
Longeing Sensitizing, Desensitizing & Cues
Sacking Out & the Spooky Horse A few Training Basics
Cooling Out your Horse Mane and Tail Care Tips
Cajuns Golden Dream Catcher Other Stories
Dreamy(EPM victim) soon

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Inspirational Poems

Not all of these pages are completed, but the poems are there just with no backs or pics. Please have patience! Thank you.
Be Before I Go
All Great Things Improve With Time Let It GO
Natural Highs Never Judge A Book By It's Cover
The Power of Choice The Power of One
The Price of a Miracle Quotes To Live By
The Redwagon Reflecions
The Second 10 Commandments SHMILY
Todays Joy Was Born of Yesterdays Sorrow It's In the Valley I Grow
Without the Rain Unexplored Love
True Friends The Keeper

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Paso Fino Links

PFHA The Barn(Paso Tack & other info.)
Paso World Paso Beat
Paso Fino table of contents Paso Fino Home Page
Southern Comfort Farm coming soon

Some of My Favorate Links

Coming Soon Michael's Pennies from Heaven
Little Natalie Rickert Meet the Trailrider's
Trailrider Member Link page Blind Equines
Lisa's home page Moe's home page
Zink's Lobo Appaloosas Tara's albums
Quarter Moon Ranch Gail's albums
Lana's album Lana's homepage
Sandy's page Fancy's funny story
Horse Tips Horse Recipes
equi-site Yukon's page
SaddleRight Inc Orthopedic Competition Saddle Pads Chibi Creations
Lady Oh's graphics*** Coming soon

Family Link Imagemap