I kissed her on the mouth for just an instant. She didn't do anything but just look at me. I moved my lips forward and kissed her again. This time, it was longer and she started to respond. As she responded her mouth opened slightly and her lips became softer and wet and warm. My hands moved up to her sides and gently took hold of her. "NO! Neal, I can't. We can't." she said and turned her back to me. I was so hot for her and I had a huge hard-on. I started to kiss her neck as I whispered that it was alright and that no one need ever know that we enjoyed each other one afternoon. As I kissed her neck, my hands slid up the front of her torso and found her soft, full breasts in her bra. She was moaning softly as I started to caress her. Then she said, "No Neal, please. We can't. I am married." as she said it she pushed my hands from her breasts. I was too fired up to quit so easily. I whispered to her, "Yes we can. Just this once. No one will ever know." and as I said it, I started to kiss her neck again and my hands found her breasts again. She moved my hands away again but they were quickly back. This time she didn't move them away and as I caressed her through her bra, I could feel her nipples harden. I felt her gently push her body back against mine and when she felt my stiff cock against her ass, she moaned. My right hand slid down to the string tie that was holding part of the left side of her dress across the front of her body and untied it. She kept whispering, "No. No. No." but her body was saying yes, yes, yes. My hands now reached up and slid her dress from her shoulders, down her arms and off. I quickly tossed it onto the file cabinet. Her back was still to me but I didn't care. What she was wearing excited me like never before. She wore a white lace garterbelt that matched her bra. Her panties were high cut and white silk with only thin straps across her hips. My hands had returned to her breasts and I was now rubbing my erection against her silky panties. My fingers slipped into the cups of her bra and found her erect nipples, but it was so tight and confining that I couldn't do anything. Her breasts needed to be freed. My fingers found the clasp of her bra between the cups and popped it loose. Then I slowly peeled the cups back to release her breasts. As I did so, she moaned slowly and deeply. She whispered, "I haven't been touched like this in six years. OH GOD! it feels so good." Her posture had changed as I now pinched her nipples. She was bent slightly forward with her ass pushed hard against me. Finally I slid my right hand down to the crotch of her panties and found them to be hot and wet. It excited me so much that I almost came. I started to rub her through her panties and her moans grew louder and more intense. I couldn't stop now, I had to have her. She had finally given in and had reached her hand back and was stroking me through my pants. I moved my left hand down and opened my belt and fly. My slacks slid down my legs to the floor. She grabbed hold of me through my underpants but wasn't satisfied. She started to push them down my leg and I helped her. My cock was free and harder than ever before. She stroked it like an expert. She was wearing her panties outside the straps of her garter belt. I grabbed her panties and slid them down to her ankles where she kicked them off. Then she parted her legs and I slid my hand right down and a finger right into her. She was almost coming instantly and I decided it was time. She bent forward more and pushed her ass up and back. I bent my knees a little and positioned myself directly behind her. I guided my cock to her waiting pussy lips and then with one thrust, buried it into her. She was now screaming at me to fuck her hard. I was pushing into her hard and she was meeting my thrusts. She felt so good. Her pussy was actually massaging and sucking on me. No woman had ever felt like this before. The more I thrust into her the better it felt. She got tighter and tighter and then came wildly. She was yelling not to stop, to fill her with come. I was getting real close and her pussy was sucking it out of me. My hands had hold of her hips and I was pounding into her. The feeling was out of this world. She was tightening up again and that was bringing me to the edge. Then her pussy clamped onto me as she came and the feeling was so intense that I exploded. I couldn't stop thrusting as I pumped load after load of come into her. It was by far the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. We didn't stop there. We rested a few minutes then she turned to me and we devoured each other with hot passionate kisses. We kissed for ten minutes or so and then decided to get a little more comfortable. I found two old moving blankets and made a spot for us way in the back corner. We started to kiss again and soon I was sucking her nipples and going crazy over her. She then put her hot mouth on my cock and after a few minutes of the most intense sucking and licking I'd ever felt, I was hard as a rock. I rolled her onto her back and she stuck her legs up into the air in a magnificent "V". I moved between her legs and buried myself into her again. We fucked wildly for 20 minutes before I exploded into her again. She must of had ten orgasms. There was just something about her that made the sex great and her irresistible. After an hour or so, we got dressed and straightened up the room. // then stepped down off the stool but as she did so, she left her left foot on the stool. My hands were on her sides as I guided her to the floor. Her skirt with its silk lining made the most fantastic sound as it slid up her silk stocking. The hem came way up and a stocking top appeared. I was too close to resist any longer. I started to try to kiss her but she turned her head away. Instead, I started to kiss her neck. My right hand went right to her left leg and started to caress her thigh near the top of the stocking. My left hand went to her right breast and started to massage it. Her arms didn't move at first but then slowly encircled my torso. "Neal please. We can't do this again. I know how great it felt but it is so wrong. I feel guilty around my husband. OH that feels so good. No No. Stop it now. Please stop." All the while her nipples were becoming hard as rocks. My right hand was working her skirt up even higher and soft moans were coming from her mouth. She wanted to stop but couldn't resist. Finally I worked my mouth around to hers and we devoured each other in a wild hot passionate kiss. My hands started to unbutton her blouse as we kissed. When I pulled it open, I was pleased to find a very sexy dark blue silk and lace bra. I started to kiss her breasts as I found the clasp and unhooked her bra. My mouth was then all over her succulent breasts. Meanwhile my hands worked her skirt up around her waist and I rubbed her pussy through her panties with one hand while I kneaded her ass with the other. She had reached down and was rubbing me and trying to get my pants open. I wanted to take her matching dark blue silk panties off and found that they had little ties on the sides. What a turn-on. In a flash, they were gone. She pulled me free from my pants and guided me toward her. She still had her left foot on the stool which gave me great access to her hot pussy. In a few seconds, I was buried in her again. She grabbed hold of my ass and I grabbed her hips and we fucked like animals for five wonderful, heavenly minutes before we came together like an atomic explosion. We spent almost half the afternoon screwing. We tried to work but after an hour or so I would get hard again and just grab her and take her. Every time she tried to resist but then she would melt and give in. Once she gave in, she became like a starving animal. I am sure that we smelled of sex and looked pretty bad too when we left that room that day. // She came to work in a red satin blouse and a black leather skirt that was rather short. She wore black seamed stockings and high black heels. WOW! She looked great. I was across from her office talking to one of the guys when I looked over and saw her slide her skirt up to reveal the top of her stocking. That was all it took to get me hot for her. An Hour later, I followed her to a supply room down the hall. She went in innocently looking for supplies. I went in wanting to fuck her ass off. As I closed the door behind me, I locked it. She just looked at me as I approached her. Then she started to open her own blouse. Her black lace bra and sexy tits were enough to make me come. Then she started to slowly hike up her leather skirt and her black lace garterbelt was soon in view. She had her skirt hiked up around her waist as she said, "I knew you'd be back for more. You want me more than anything and I can't resist the idea of screwing you. I wore this to seduce you because my pussy is hungry for your cock. That's it suck my tits and guide your cock to me. Fill me again." It was so true. I couldn't resist her for anything. My mouth was on hers in a second and the kiss was hot and hungry. My hands were all over her body. She felt sexier now than she had ever felt and soon I was fucking her wildly. She was sitting on a stack of copier paper boxes with her legs spread wide open, showing me her naked, wet pussy, framed by her sexy garterbelt and stockings. I couldn't believe how great it felt as her pussy sucked on my cock. I couldn't stop sliding it in and out of her. My thrusts became deeper and harder as I got nearer to coming. She came over and over as I pounded into her. As she came for the third time, I exploded deep into her. // The finale was when she showed up at my apartment one Saturday afternoon wearing a micro mini-skirt that was very tight and that rode up her thighs as she walked. When it rode up it showed the tops of her garter top thigh high stockings. That and the black lace bustier she wore with her red lipstick and spike heels had me so hot I couldn't resist. I started to kiss and caress her and soon she was on my lap with me buried in her hot pussy. We were fucking up a storm while I sucked her tits when Mandy walked in and caught us. _____________________________________________________ __________ The Party But tonight Mike was enjoying himself. He was dancing with the hostess, June, and he was enjoying every move they made together in the crowded den. He caught sight of his wife across the crowded room, dancing with June's husband. Even seeing the way she was molding her body to her partner's didn't upset him tonight. It didn't bother him because June's body was glued to his. Mike couldn't believe how he and June were dancing. She had her face buried against his neck and he could feel her lips sort of nibbling at his throat. Her body was molded to his own and he could feel her ample tits against his chest through the pullover shirt which he wore. He was sure she wasn't wearing a bra. He had been pretty sure before he danced with her, because he could see her nipples pressing against the soft thin blouse she wore. Now he was absolutely sure she was braless, because he could feel her tits pressing against his chest. He was amazed at the way she was rubbing up against him as they danced. He could feel her crotch against his thigh. She was actually rubbing her pussy against his leg! And her hip was pressing against his crotch. He knew that his dick was getting hard in his pants as they danced. He wondered if she could feel it. "Umm, Mike, you must be enjoying this as much as I am," June whispered in his ear. "You're getting a hard-on." "I'm sorry, June," he said, "I just couldn't help it." "Don't appologize," she giggled. "I think of it as a compliment." As she said this, she boldly rubbed her stomach against the bulge in his pants. He gasped with pleasure. "Why don't we go out and dance on the patio where it isn't so crowded?" June suggested. "Besides, it's cooler out there." June pulled away from him and took his hand. They threaded their way through the swaying couples and went out through the sliding glass doors onto the patio. There were two other couples dancing in the semi-darkness away from the light which came through the sliding glass door. June led him over to a dark corner of the patio and snuggled up against him. He took her in his arms and they began to move to the music again. As they danced, he glanced at the other two couples. He could see that one couple was the gal who lived across the street from him and a guy from across town. He suddenly realized that the guy had one hand in the woman's blouse! He was feeling her tits as they danced! If he had thought June was dancing close inside, it was nothing compared to what was going on now. She was actually rubbing her stomach up against his hard dick! She seemed to be enjoying the feel of it against her belly. Mike caught a glimpse of the other couple and suddenly realized that it was his wife and June's husband. They didn't seem to realize that Mike and June were there. He saw that June's husband had his hand down on his wife's ass. He was squeezing it and probing between her legs with his fingers from behind. Then he realized that she had her hand down between them and was rubbing his dick through his pants. She reached down and boldly grasped his hard dick through his pants. "Boy, she wasn't lying," June giggled. She slid her hand up and down the length of his big rod, massaging it through his pants. "Come on, forget them," June whispered to him. She took one of his hands and slid it inside the bottom of her blouse. Mike found himself sliding his hand up over her warm flesh in spite of himself. His hand closed on her big tit and he began to squeeze and manipulate it. She gasped into his ear. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam slide the zipper down in the back of Betty's pants and slip his hand down inside. He knew that Betty wasn't wearing any panties so he knew that Sam had his hand on Betty's bare ass. He saw that Sam had his other hand up inside Betty's blouse, and he knew that she wasn't wearing a bra either. He wondered for a moment if Betty knew he was there, then he realized that she had her head buried in Sam's neck, and couldn't possibly know who else might be on the patio. Stangely, Mike found himself almost as excited by what Sam and Betty were doing as by what he and June were doing. "Why don't you pull my skirt up and feel my pussy?" suggested June. "I'm not wearing any panties," she added. Without hesitating, Mike pulled her short skirt up in the back and slid his hand down over her warm bare ass. When he reached the bottom of her ass, he just slid his hand right in between her legs from behind and dipped his middle finger into her crack. He found her pussy flowing with juice! Glancing at Sam and Betty again, he saw that Betty was unzipping Sam's pants. Evidently, Sam was not wearing any shorts, because his dick sprang right out through the open fly. Mike was a little relieved to see that Sam's dick wasn't quite as big as his own. Mike felt June's hand pulling his zipper down. She pushed the front of his jockey shorts down and wrapped her hot hand around his hard prick. "Umm," she purred in his ear. "That thing is huge." Mike removed his hand from June's blouse and boldly began to unbutton it. When he had it unbuttoned all the way, he pulled it wide open and palmed one of her big jugs. "Why don't we find someplace a little more private?" June suggested. Mike didn't resist when she pulled away from him and took him by the hand, leading him towards a gazebo in the back corner of the yard. Boldly, they walked hand in hand towards the gazebo, with June's blouse hanging open and Mike's dick sticking out of his open fly. When they reached the gazebo, June led him inside and then turned to face him. She wrapped both her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to her own. Mike palmed both of her tits as he kissed her. He felt her breath quicken in his mouth as he pinched her nipples. Pulling his lips away from hers, he bent down and took a big rubbery nipple in his mouth. He sucked it in between his lips, gently nibbling on it. While he sucked her tit, he reached down and pulled her skirt up, sliding his hand up between her legs. He palmed her pussy, feeling the heat from it against the palm of his hand. Gently, Mike inserted the tip of his finger between her pussy lips, gradually sliding the finger down deeper into her slit. He rolled her clit with his finger, then slid his finger farther down and swirled the end of it around in the entrance to her pussy hole itself. He felt her slowly backing up. He raised his head from her tit to see what she was doing. Then he realized that she was maneurvering them to a table located over against the wall. He followed her, keeping his finger busy in her pussy. When they reached the table, June just reached down and pulled her skirt up around her waist and sat her ass up on the edge of the table. She reached down and began to unfasten his belt and unfasten his pants. When they were unfastened, she let them slide down and pushed his shorts down. She wrapped her fingers around his massive hard-on and slowly slid her hand up and down the length of his shaft. Mike now had his finger buried in her wet pussy. He was sliding it in and out of her, fingerfucking her with the entire length of it. Suddenly, whe began to pull on his dick, drawing him close to her. "Fuck me, Mike," she begged him. "Stick that big dick up my hot pussy and fuck my ass off," she told him. Mike pulled his finger out of her pussy and moved up against her. He reached down and took his dick in his hand, sliding the head of it up and down in her juicy slot. He could feel the heat coming from her cunt. It felt like an oven. She pulled her legs up and spread them. Mike slid the end of his dick down to her cunt hole and slowly began to push it up into her. She groaned as his big dick slowly penetrated her hot cunt. Mike couldn't believe how hot her pussy felt as it slowly engulfed his dick. He looked down and watched his dick disappear up between her legs, sliding right up into the pink opening framed by her black cunt hair. When he had it all the way up in her, he stood for a moment, just feeling the wet heat surrounding his dick. He reached down and hooked his arms under her knees, lifting her legs and spreading them wide. June leaned back on the table and supported herself on her hands. Mike slowly withdrew his dick until only the end was still in her, then slowly pushed it back up into her again. She groaned as he fucked her, slowly and deeply. Mike began to pick up speed now, screwing his dick in and out of her faster and faster. She was responding to his thrusts, pushing herself up to meet him on every thrust. Harder and harder he fucked her, slamming his dick in her up to the balls on every stroke. Mike could feel it building up, deep in his balls. He could feel the pressure moving up along the shaft of his dick, indicating that he was just on the verge of coming. He wasn't sure he could hold off much longer. Suddenly, June let out a little muffled scream, and her legs began to jerk and spasm. Her eyes were shut tight, her face a picture of intense pleasure. Mike groaned and suddenly thrust forward hard, burying it as far up in her as it would go. His dick jerked and throbbed as it shot squirt after squirt of his hot cum deep into her cunt. Finally, the spasms of pleasure subsided and he just stood there with his dick still buried in her cunt. After a few moments, he slowly withdrew his prick from the juicy hole. She kind of moaned a little as the end slipped out of her. He lowered her legs and pulled her back up to a sitting position. "Oh, boy," she smiled at him. "That was really something else!" "You can say that again," he agreed with her. "I can't remember when I have come so hard." "It's that strange pussy," she told him. "Getting some that you haven't had before will always do that to you, or so Sam says." " "There they are," she said, pointing into the darkness. Mike looked out past her and saw them. Betty was sitting on a bench in the semi-darkness, leaning back in much the same position which June had been in. Her blouse was hanging open and her pants were lying on the ground beside her. Sam was on his knees, between her wide-spread legs. His pants were down to his knees and Mike could see his dick, appearing and disappearing below Betty's ass as he fucked it in and out of her pussy. He could hear her moaning and groaning, saying "Fuck me, Fuck me" the way she always did when she was really getting her ass screwed off. And it was obvious that she was really getting herself fucked good. Sam was banging her as hard as he could. As June and Mike watched, the other couple suddenly went into orgasm. Betty was pulling and clawing at Sam, who had his dick buried to the hilt in her cunt, pumping load after load of cum deep into her spasming twat. _____________________________________________________ I felt irresistibly drawn to her lips and before I knew it she was in my arms and we were busy snogging away. I couldn't believe my luck - and I wondered how long it would last. She really knew how to kiss with those luscious lips of hers. Suddenly I felt her tongue bursting through her lips and I had the pleasure of my first French kiss. While I was busy lapping up the pleasures of her mouth and tongue she had been busy with my tie and shirt and now had her hands all over the place. I counter attacked by easing open her blouse and fumbling with her bra. It was at about this moment that we slid off the settee and landed with a gentle bump onto the carpet. I landed partially on top of her and then rolled off so that we were lying side by side. It was so comical that we both stopped and burst out laughing. The laughing didn't last long. The sight of her firm breasts sticking out through her partially open blouse made me come to my senses. I undid the rest of her blouse and then I put my hand on her stomach and started lightly caressing her. All the time while my hand moved up towards her tits she looked straight at me and then she suddenly moved. I thought that was it - blown my chances - but she was releasing her bra. I started kissing her again while my hand slowly moved up and cupped one of her breasts. They felt soft, warm and firm and as I moved my hand I could feel her nipple grow. I couldn't resist pulling my mouth away from her lips and fastening it on her slowly rising nipple. I moved my hand to her other breast while I made a pig of myself sucking and chewing at her nipple. By now I was virtually on top of her and I could feel her starting to writhe. I moved my free hand down to her jeans and began wishing that they weren't quite so tight. I undid the button and the zip and could feel my target through her thin knickers but apart from that things were awkward. I slipped my hand down the front of her knickers and felt my way through her luxuriant pubic bush till I reached her slit. I could feel that she was wet and every time my finger passed over her slit she moaned and wriggled. I decided on an all out attack on her luscious body so I broke loose from her, grabbed her jeans and her panties and pulled them off. I then thought fair's fair and undid my trousers and pulled them and my 'Y's down. I was about to lie down beside her when she suggested we adjourn to her room in case her parents returned early. We picked up our clothes and trooped up the stairs to her room. It's really difficult concentrating on walking when you got a pretty bum and an erection in front of you. Once in her room she closed the door and jumped onto the bed. I climbed on as well and we hugged and kissed for a bit. She then stopped and said to me "The girls were talking about cock and cunt sucking today. I'd like to try it some time." That was a hint if ever I heard one so I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the cock sucking. She wasn't having that so I volunteered to give her a cunt sucking as well. Having decided what we were going to do the problem was doing it. We finally manoeuvred ourselves in to a satisfactory position with Alison at crotch height. I could feel her warm breath on my prick and was wondering what she was going to do next when I felt a hand reach down and grab my cock. Alison then waggled it about a bit and then pulled her hand down. This had the effect of pulling my foreskin back to reveal my knob. She seemed fascinated by it and she held her hand there for a few minutes. She then started to gently wank me while she used her other hand to fondle my balls. I was getting really aroused when I felt her kiss the end of my knob. It was an indescribable sensation that made me want to yell out as loud as I could. She kissed my prick more and more and the she started to lick it. She started at my balls and worked her way up to the top. I was getting into a frenzy. I looked down at Alison in time to see her open those glorious lips and close them round my tool. That was enough for my inexperienced balls, the sight and feeling of those lips closing on my glans was enough to make me spurt my seed. I could feel my hips lunge upwards, smashing into her face and releasing my warm offering into her mouth. After my spasms finished I apologized for letting go in her mouth. She looked up and smiled at me. Somehow I don't think she was worried. She crawled up my body and we lay there kissing and cuddling for a bit. I then decided it was now or never and worked my way down her body, kissing and stroking her smooth skin as I went down towards her crotch. I stopped when I reached her pubic hair. I stopped and took in the sight of her mound and her slit poking through. I rubbed a finger down her slit and it opened up slightly. I then pushed a finger up her slit - she moaned and I could feel her muscles tightening. I started moving my finger in and out all the time watching her hairy slit opening up and pouring out its juices. I pulled my finger out again and rubbed her slit a few times before pulling her lips apart with my fingers. I stared at her cunt for a few minutes, watching it bubbling away, and her hole pulsating. I lowered my head and licked her slit from bottom to top. She tasted quite nice so I kept at it. While I was doing this I found her clit. I flicked my tongue over it and it sent her into raptures. She moaned and groaned like she was demented and I could hardly keep hold of her she was moving so violently. I moved my tongue down and stuffed it in her hole. I could taste the and feel the juices pouring out as I slurped at that juicy hole. I moved my mouth back on to her clit, stroking it and kissing it. Alison started to get more and more heated till finally she let out a long groan, jerked her thighs violently then slumped back down onto the bed. I crawled back up the bed and lay beside her fondling her breasts. I felt a hand move across to my prick and start playing with it. I was almost hard again. She turned, looked at me and said "Fuck me!". I kissed her fully on the lips while I fondled her tits. I then climbed aboard her. She guided my prick into her hole and I let out a deep moan as I pushed deep into her. I stayed there for a while soaking up her juices and feeling her muscles kneading my prick. I then started to move gently up and down. I could feel her coming up to meet my thrusts, her hips clearing the bed. We kept at it, the pace increasing all the time. I could feel my juices welling up and I was getting close to blast off. I could tell that Alison was pretty close as well. Her face was a picture - mouth open, eyes closed and a look of ecstasy. Her pussy was working overtime gripping and sucking my prick deep into her. I managed to mutter "I'm coming!! Are you safe?" Luckily she was for seconds later she let out a loud scream and I almost immediately thrust deep into her and released my spunk deep into her pussy. I lay there for a few moments enjoying the sensations and feeling my prick soften in her lovely warm haven. I turned over looked at my prick, looked at her and then kissed her. Just then a clock in the house struck eleven. We'd been at it for two hours. Alison turned to me, her face suddenly whiteand said "My GOD!! Mum and Dad will be back any minute. Quick get dressed." I reluctantly got of the bed and pulled my clothes on. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Alison dressing, her nipples still erect and a little dribble of my spunk on the inside of her succulent thighs. _____________________________________________________ Susan had the head of Jason's monstrous, erect cock in her mouth, sucking it with all her might, as Jason noisily slurped at her cunt. Then I felt a hand on my cock. It was Linda and I was surprised to notice that my dick was as hard as a rock. She bent over and sucked me into her mouth as I continued to watch the slutty performance in front of us. After a few more minutes ofn sixty-nining, Jason got up and collected cushions off the lawn furniture, which he threw on the deck and then rolled Susan onto her back on them. He then knelt right up against her tight ass and pulled and hoisted her buttocks up into the air, sliding the cushions around, under her. By now, Susan's legs were wide-spread and Jason was in position, with his monster-cock poised at the entrance to Susan's obviously wet cunt. Linda looked up from my prick and said, "He measures just over fourteen inches long and just over seven inches around. Magnificent, isn't it? Don't worry about little Susie, he's good at what he does, and I'm betting he can bury it to his balls!" I gasped, watching Jason slowly work his giant rod into her stretched-open pussy. Susan was moaning and grunting, pounding on Jason's back with her tiny hands. Steady, steady, Jason kept up his invasion of her tiny cunt. I was waiting for Susan to yell "stop!" or scream in pain, but she didn't. Sooner than I thought possible, it looked like Jason had his entire length buried in her hot cunt. She had taken it all! They laid still together, for a few minutes, then after a few more moments of slow thrusting, Jason began to pound that big dick in and out of her cunt with all of his energy. He lifted his hips away, until he was almost out, and then slammed back down into her. I could hear her wet cunt slurping loudly as it succumbed to Jason's onslaught. Then, his tempo and power increased even more and Susan went completely wild. She was delirious with lust and passion, scraping his back with her nails, pulling his ass deeper between her legs. She was fucking him like some animal locked in mortal combat. And, then, they started to come. It wasn't slow or gentle. It was an explosion! Susan came with a scream and almost-pained moans and gasps. Again and again, she clenched her arms and legs around Jason. Finally, with a deep grunt, Jason tightened his asscheeks and curled his toes as he shot his cum into her cunt filling it over and over. I filled LInda's mouth with my cum as I watched the witherin couple on the ground. She then proceeded to stand and lower her wet dripping cunt over my still rock hard dick. Sliding up and down the length of my hard hot rod she was soon delerious. She grinded her hot wet pussy on me and we we're both soon cuming again. ____________________________________________________

Gently he places his hands on your shoulders and turns you around with your back to him. His hands move softly to your hips, and with one hand on your stomach backs you toward him, while the other lifts your teddy over your head. His hand on your stomach seems to spread the fire upward, and for a moment you can't catch your breath. Gently his hands move upward to caress your erect nipples. and after a moment, downward across your stomach. By now, your will to resist is vanished...you are consumed by an animal need so strong that it's almost more frightening than this man, this stranger. As he holds you against his body, you can feel his nakedness against your back. Between your buttocks you feel his erect penis pulsing gently, insistently. He turns you around. For the first time you see his rock hard body. The muscles of his stomach lie beneath his skin like a washboard. His belly is covered by fine blond hair. and his biceps ripple when he moves his arms. His tiny, erect nipples point their desire at you, and as your nipples touch his chest you totter on the edge of an orgasm. In one fluid motion he reaches an arm beneath your buttocks and another behind your back, and lowers you to the floor. His hands begin to search every inch of your exposed body, touching, caressing, fondling. Their rough texture on your soft skin belies their gentleness. slowly his right hand finds your clitoris and begins a gentle stroking which sends waves of sensation coursing into your trembling belly. You close your eyes, giving yourself over completely to the sensations, feeling your mushrooming desire. Your sensations gradually grow in intensity as the rhythm of his hand on your clitoris grows ever faster. Suddenly he stops, and you feel him move down toward your mons. He parts your thighs and with a start of disappointment you feel him move between them. Before you can open your eyes, you feel the insistent pressure of his hand replaced by a warm, wet, raspy sensation around your vagina, which moves slowly upward toward your hot clitoris. As his wet tongue rasps gently across it's inflamed head you feel your belly explode in orgasm. As you writhe in helpless rapture his stroking tongue guides you from peak to peak, until you think there can't possibly be any more. But moment after moment he caries you higher until you believe you'll die. Finally, you collapse, beyond sensation, floating on a soft carpet in a warm sea. You lie exhausted, but yearning for more. The stroking of his tongue subsides to a warm caress which adds a gentle pink haze to your dream like state. Then, gradually you feel his tongue become more insistent, and once again, and yet again, you explode in ecstasy. Time after countless time you follow this stranger into sensations you never imagined possible, and after each he gives you an eternity of quiet caressing to savor the journey. Finally, his tongue abandons your clitoris, and begins a march across your belly. Nibbling, stroking, sucking, he moves up to your full breasts. You feel his warm, wet tongue gently circling your erect and sensitive nipples, first one, and then the other, as sensation shoots from their tips to the pit of your stomach. As he moves along your body, hovering just above it, you feel his penis, erect, inflamed, pressing into your thighs, and then your stomach, pulsing gently up and down. You feel his breath panting on your neck, and the extinguished flame of your desire rises again from the ashes. You become aware of the tip of his penis pushing gently at the entrance to your vagina, as he sucks gently on the skin of your shoulders. Your hands move along his back, stroking the hard ribbons of muscle beneath his skin. You feel his body begin to thrust at your vaginal entrance, and you sense his need through the insistence of his movements. Your hands run down his back and grip his iron hard buttocks, and you pull gently, encouraging his joining with you. As he feels your hands pulling him firmly toward you, he thrusts forward, and your well lubricated vagina engulfs his engorged penis. You both gasp with pleasure at the penetration. His penis begins to stroke rhythmically, and with each pistoning movement he seems to fill you completely. His body is very strong, and his desire for you is intense, but his movement is surprisingly gentle. This strong, hard man is making love to you, and the sudden realization of it brings on an orgasmic release which is as unexpected as it is pleasureable. You rock together in a rhythm as old as time, as waves of pleasure on the physical plane, and joy on the spiritual plane wash over you both. As your orgasm subsides into a warm glow, his thrusting grows more gentle, virtually stoping at times. Still he moves in and out, almost helplessly. Each gentle thrust of his hips places his body deep inside yours. The simple pleasure of being joined rivals the intensity of the other sensations you have created together. You have no sense of time, or place, only the joining, the oneness. You can feel beneath the tightness of his back muscles a growing need, an insistence, which is as much a part of his primal being as the white hot fire in your belly is of yours. You can sense in him a need to climax, to finish the act, to leave part of himself inside you. You feel this need building with every pistoning of his massively erect penis, with every thrust of his hips. You can feel his buttocks clenching with increasing desperation as he nears his completion. As you feel this need, you want to join him fully. His increasingly powerful thrusts are greated with your own ever more powerful upthrusts as you strive together to join in this most human of acts. You pound together, stripped of intellect, reduced to primitive animals, grunting, panting, sweat intermingling, senseless, inflamed , and desperately reaching for each other. In a moment his thrusting becomes beyond his control. You open yourself totally pressing upward to meet his downward plunges until he moans, tortured, and begins to stiffen with the approaching climax. Your own final orgasm grips you at the moment you feel his completion, and you hold him desperately with every muscle in your body. His back arches violently, and between your sweaty thighs, deep in the recesses of your clutching vagina, you feel him begin to throb.With each throb in your vagina, you hear him gasp, and you feel his hot semen pour out of you, running down the crack between your buttocks. With each thrust it flows around his pistoning penis and gushes out. A half dozen times he fills your overflowing vagina, and each time his huge cock forces it out onto your buttocks. Its scalding wash inflames your final explosion, and you shudder together in your final release. In a last moment of conscious thought before you collapse together you feel a completeness you've never imagined possible before. _______________________________________________________________ The Threesome Sally liked Tuborg Gold Tequila and Jan liked Manhattans. I was all set for both. We sat and had a few drinks, when Sally asked Jan to join her in a joint. She never had be- fore, but was willing to try. I had just quit smoking a few years before, so didn't dare join them. Well, it wasn't long, with pot and whiskey, and three people who had known each other for a few years, before the atmosphere became very, very comfortable. I finally suggested turning off the lights and lying down and they both agreed. It was pitch dark, and my clothes were off in a flash. Lying there in the middle of the king size bed, I was growing with an- ticipation, hearing them both undressing on either side of the bed. Sally lied down first and I put my arm around her, kissing her gently. Her skin was so soft, and I had never touched her be- fore. As I felt the bed move when Jan sat down, I rolled over on my back, taking her in my other arm. Her breasts were larger, and her perfume sweet, and she snuggled in closely. I was in ecstasy, feeling both of them in my arms, and their thighs against mine. Both of their hands were exploring my chest and abdomen. Suddenly I realized that I could feel their lips and bodies, but I could no longer feel their hands. They had reached across and were exploring each other intimately. I could begin to feel their hips writhe as their fingers found each others clits and reached inside. Then they began kissing my nipples, and running their tongues across my belly and into my belly button. Their tongues met on the tip of my pe- nis as they were kissing the shaft on each side at the same time. (Two tongues on my cock at the same time, and then an alternate seesaw battle taking turns sucking and engulfing it) And always not being able to more than guess where their hands were. Sally climbed on top and I guided Jan to sit down behind her. Jan reached around and held Sally's breast with one hand and her pussy with the other while she pressed her breasts against Sally's back. She had me deep inside her and I could feel Jan's finger occasionally drop down and squeeze the base of my hard cock. Sally was coming already, and we squealed with her. She had never had anything like this happen to her before, and I found out later how many times we would repeat the same wonderful "trip". I moved over to the side of the bed for a short break. Jan wasn't ready to rest, though. She began kissing Sally's breasts, and in no time, she was getting hot again. I had turned on a bathroom light in the meantime, and now I could just barely make out the two figures next to me. Jan began to inch down, constantly licking Jan's belly with her tongue and beginning to lick her thighs. Maybe it was the pot or maybe it was the electricity, but Jan's knees came apart as Sally lied down between her legs, and caressed her crotch with her tongue. Jan's hands went to her head, and immediately her tongue was inside. She reached over and held me with one hand while Jan writhed to another climax. Now it was Jan's turn. I rolled over on top, and she guided me inside. She was smooth and warm and very, very active. I pulled out before long, wanting to prolong the ecstasy. I'm glad Sally was there, be- cause Jan was very hot. Sally kissed her on the lips, played with her tongue, and then immediately buried her head in Jan's lap. Jan's hips raised high, and I could tell her tongue was all the way inside. She came very quietly, altogether different than Sally. But it was obvi- ously intense. I thought I was going to have to give her resuscitation for a moment. They both had another drink and a joint, and now it was time to learn to do the grinds. We had teased Sally that she never could do the bumps and grinds, so Jan decided to teach her. With the music on and the lights up, nothing but laughs could be the result watching those two beauties teach each other to do a sensuous dance with too much booze (and without too much success!!) And then it was my turn. After the lights were turned down, and the laughs settled down, they both decided that I hadn't seen nothin' yet! They both kissed me all over, one filling my mouth with their tongue and the other playing deep throat. I liked it when they both kissed my nipples at the same time, running their hands over my balls and cock. Finally I rolled on top of Jan. Sally wanted to guide me in, so we both let herfumble around and finally I was deep inside. Sally reached around between my legs, caressing my balls and squeezing my shaft. Jan's hips moved faster and faster and I was on fire. There was no turning back now. I could feel Sally's tongue in my ear as I screamed and exploded. It was almost more than I could handle. But..as you can see... somehow I must have survived!!! ____________________________________________________ Chrissy and I arranged the blankets over both of us, now no longer separated, and curled up like spoons in the otherwise crowded seats. I started to give her a back rub, slowly working over her muscles by now cramped from the first five hours of the flight. She purred quietly, and after a while squirmed her shapely ass on the seat, pushing it back into my growing erection. With both hands I reached around under her loose sweater, and fondled her globes, her nipples growing firmer under my gentle stroking. Chrissy reached back and with one hand released my belt, then unbuckled and unbuttoned my pants. I whispered in her ear, "How do you do that? I can't even do that with one hand, and they're my pants." She laughed, and said, "Years of practice; don't worry, it gets better." My hard-on sprang out of my tight bikini briefs as she pulled the waistband forward, and she whispered, "I'm glad you're not wearing boxer shorts, I can't stand them." Chrissy began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing with its own lubrication. She used the pre-come to help rotate her fin- gers gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pres- sure. I withdrew my hands from under her sweater to push my pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my swollen balls, which she now explored with her questing hand. Lubricating her fingers even more with her saliva, she alternate- ly rubbed my balls and massaged the head of my dick. My hands were now free, and I hungrily reached forward for her erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down her belly and slipping it under the waistband of her sweatpants. She was wearing no panties underneath, and the inside of the cotton sweats was already wet with her juices. As I stroked her mound, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet cunt. Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while my thumb pushed against her swollen clit. She was breathing harder now, and could not stop moving her ass around on the seat, first bucking her soaking cunt against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through the sweatpants. As the stewardess left, Chrissy whispered. "She knows exact- ly what we are doing, and she's jealous! Now I want to have your prick inside me. I'll keep quiet, but I need you to fuck me now." With this, she lifted her ass off the seat and slid her sweats down below her knees, then separated her legs slightly and moved back so I could slide into her dripping pussy from behind. I moved slowly in and out as she purred and pushed back onto my cock quietly so we would not wake our neighbors. At the same time, I reached back around to stroke her clito- ris easily but steadily. The appearance of the stewardess had startled me, and most of the urgency for release that had built up from her stroking my hard-on had subsided, so it was a nice, long, easy fuck, punctuated by her spasming in orgasm three times before my cock pressure built up to the point of no return. I came with the most excruciating pleasure I had felt in my life (actually for the last month, but you know how easy it is to lose perspective at the moment.) I felt like I unleashed at least a pint of come into her already dripping cunt.// "What I like best is eating pussy, but there is no room here for that. Would you like to go to the back of the plane with me?" As I closed the door, she turned and we started to kiss passionately. She broke for a quick query, "how do you do anything in this little space?" As I untied the drawstring on her sweatpants, I said, "Just lift up and sit on the sink, and let me taste your cunt." Chrissy lifted, spread her legs, and I could see her cunt lips were still swollen from her last orgasm. I gently tongued her outer lips, occasionally swiveling my head to nip the insides of her thighs, but always returning to circle her clit, and as it swelled up, suck on it gently. There was no end to the wetness; her own lubrication, supplemented by the enormous load of come I had left in her pussy, dripped down both sides of my chin onto the stainless steel sink surface and trailed down her thighs. After tonguing her into a few more orgasms, I realized how hard I was getting again, and finally stood up, sliding her ass slightly off the surface, and drove my cock into her again while we exchanged extremely wet but tasty kisses, flavored by both of our juices. Such a short time after the last fuck, and she was sooo wet; this time it lasted at least twenty minutes, both of us sighing and savoring the overwhelming sensations coursing through our bodies. Finally, after a slow buildup that I never wanted to end, I came again, not as much this time, but she sensed it and started bucking hard just at the same moment. The pleasure was so intense it was almost painful. The light came on to return to the cabin, and after a few minutes we were able to adjust ourselves to some degree of presentability to return to our seats.------------------------------------- I placed my free hand on her side and moved it from shoulder to hip in a long, slow caress, back and forth. After a moment her breathing changed pitch and became quicker, deeper. Her hand caressed my chest in a similar manner and she nuzzled my neck softly. This time there was none of the hurried frenzy of earlier. Things were progressing smoothly and more naturally, without a word from either one of us. I became a little more adventuresome with my explorations, and moved my hand to cup one soft breast. I moved my hand under it, feeling it's weight, and my thumb found her nipple, finally bare and fully erect. I rubbed my thumb across it and a short, breathy moan escaped her lips as she arched her back. Her hand moved down, raising to trail her fingers through my pubic hair before resting lightly on my cock, sending little twinges and flashes of pleasure through my pelvis. I raised my hips in response and she grabbed my cock almost tight enough to hurt. Almost, but not quite. Instead it felt wonderful. I was now massaging her whole breast and her breath came in ragged moans and she whole body writhed in slow, sinuous motion. I moved my face down and extended my tongue, slowly circling it around her nipple. Then I took it in my mouth, as much as I could, and sucked it in and out rapidly between my teeth, and her writhing became more violent, almost pulling away from me. My free hand, meanwhile, moved around to her back, traveling up and down exploring freely from her neck to her ass, which I grabbed hard when I reached it. Her mouth covered mine and our tongues intertwined frantically. Her arms wrapped around me almost hard enough to squeeze the breath out of me and my cock ground hard against her pubic fuzz. Finally her mouth released mine only long enough to gasp, "I want you in me now!" I had roughly the same idea by then myself. She rolled over on her back, more or less pulling me on top of her. I raised my hips and she reached down to guide me into the right spot. With slow deliberateness I thrust my cock into her. She was so wet and excited that it slid in with no resistance at all, until I was buried in her as deep as I could go and I felt her fuzz tickling my lower belly. She pressed her hips against mine for maximum penetration as her gasps became cries. I did not pump but simply held myself there as her movements grew more frantic and her cries louder. I knew if I moved too much I would come and I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could. Instead I just moved myself from side to side a little, pushing her even closer to the brink as she bucked beneath me. "Oh God... Oh God..." she moaned, her voice getting higher and louder until her muscles locked and held rigid in an explosive orgasm. The muscles of her vagina locked tight on my penis and almost against my will I orgasmed, pumping my seed deep into the warm depths of her body for what seemed a long, long time and intensifying her pleasure even more, if such a thing was possible. We shared an endless moment of agonizing pleasure before collapsing in an exhausted heap, with me still laying on top and buried deep within her. Gasping for air and trying to regain some of our strength, we lay like that for who knows how long. Jenny's eyes looked up into mine and she was so achingly beautiful in the half-light streaming in from the window. In those eyes there was no more fire (though I knew it would soon be back) but warmth and tenderness and gratitude and... love? In an exhausted voice she said, "Hi there, stranger." In a similarly exhausted voice I replied, "Hi there yourself. Come here often?" My unintentional double entendre sent us both into a fit of laughter that wiped away any tension that might have remained. It felt as if we had been lovers for years, instead of just one frantic night. For a fleeting instant I felt a glimmer of hope that it might go on for years... She spoke and interrupted my musing. "You know, it's been well over a year since I've... been with anybody. In one short night you've made up for all that lost time and then some. I've never experienced anything this intense. Never." "I don't think I have either." I replied tiredly. "This was incredible. Just as I had always thought it might be." "Yeah. Me too." She shifted a little and a wave of residual pleasure ran though me. "Actually, I could get used to this on a... a regular basis. I've always, um, liked you. Maybe in the near future we could... um..." I shushed her quietly, "The future can take care of itself, and perhaps we'll be in each other's. I think I'd like that myself very much. Right now let's just enjoy the moment." She nodded silently and relaxed. It was not long before my penis began to swell again, and Jenny noticed it almost before I did for I had never pulled it out. The second time around I was much less sensitive and lasted far longer. She climaxed at least six times before I came again and we both collapsed, exhausted for real, as the first light of dawn began to color the sky outside.

Dear Diary: I stood up and he took me in his arms and kissed me. I almost swooned from having him so close to me. His tongue probed open my lips and darted in and out until the heat in my pussy was driving me mad. As he held me, I could feel his prick harden up. It felt big and hot, throbbing against me. He pushed me away and ran his hands over my body. Then he played with my breasts until I could feel my erect nipples pressing hard against the fabric of my bra. I wanted him to tear my clothes off and play with my naked body. But, as though he could read my mind again, he said something about staying dressed ... just in case. I couldn't argue with that either, but knowing that we couldn't lay there and touch each other's naked bodies made me want to hurry and get his hardness inside me. I crumbled to the floor and he lay down beside me. He pulled up my short skirt until it was around my hips and then pulled off my panties. He held his hand tightly over my cunt and rubbed his palm against my knob. He stayed like that until I was thrusting against his hand so hard that he must have thought the people in the office below could hear the floor banging against my bottom. He unzipped his fly and took his hunk out. It was long and thick. I held it for a minute, feeling the power that his heat was giving me flowing through my hands, down through the rest of my body. He mounted me fast and plunged that engorged cock in as far as it would go. I was drenched and my muscles just dragged him in. It felt wonderful to have my cunt filled wot the brim with his swollen passion. He thrust in and out as I arched my back up to meet him. I wished that the screwing could last for hours. But half a dozen thrusts later he started spewing his cream into me. I couldn't believe it was all over! So soon! I had just begun to get into the swing of it and it was over??? My muscles kept trying to squeeze some more life back into the slowly wilting manhood still limp inside me. I reached over and took his cock in my hand and rubbed my fingertips over the ehad. It didn't do a thing. But, as I kept teasing, I began to feel a slight change and it seemed that perhaps all was not lost. I leaned forward and licked the smooth surface with my tongue. I licked off all cream and juice from my cunt. It tasted good blended together like that. Then I drew the head further into my mouth and ran my tongue along the slit as fast as I could. In a few minutes it started swelling -- filling my mouth by the minute. When it was fully engorged and he was moaning with agony, I laid back and spread my legs, inviting him to push into me. When he thrust in and began pounding like he was a marathon runner rushing for the finish line just steps ahead of his competition, I knew I still wouldn't get any satisfaction. Not at that pace. "Slow down; relax. Just stroke in and out like we have years. There is no hurry." He listened to me and slowed down. The thrusts were almost in slow motion. Long, slow strokes. Sometimes I wondered if he was even really pushing in and out. But the slowness was beginning to have its affect on my. I could feel my heat building. The pressure of his member against me, rubbing the folds inside so slowly and deliberately. Each time he thrust in as far as he could, then sort of pushed his pubic mound against my clit. The result was incredibly exciting and now I was the one having trouble controlling my urgency. He was beginning to really get into this pattern. I could hear his heart pounding and his breath was starting to come in shorter and shorter pants. I knew he was building again, which was quite all right with me now. I began to rock my hips against him, increasing the tempo. He picked up the pattern right away and started to match my new tempo. Between us we increased the speed - faster and faster. I began to feel my climax surging to the surface, just in time because his cock was thrusting like a jackhammer, but he still didn't explode into me. Just when I was exploding, he let himself go. It felt so good. The juices mingling. The flood carried me to the height of the climax. I'd never had a climax quite so intense. And I loved it. My cunt just took over and the sensations ran up to my head. I felt like laughing and crying and screaming with pleasure all at the same time. As I came, he held me he thought I was the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. This time 'dictation' went much better. He started off right in the first place. First caressing me until I was drenched in sweat from the surges of delight he was creating with his fingers and hand and the soft warm kisses. Then sliding into me very slowly. And rocking in and out in a slow rhythm that would have made time stand still in most things. Just sliding in and out; pausing at each apex. Letting it build. It almost seemed strange that until just yesterday afternoon he hadn't really realized how to make the act last and last until both parties were ready to burst. Our dictation lasted most of the day, and lingered far after everyone else had gone home. We just rocked back and forth on the soft carpet. Feeling adventurous we changed positions numerous times that long evening. Me on top. Him on top. On my knees. Sitting on him, straddling him. Although I had numerous rushes and climaxes during those long hours, he never quickened his pace nor allowed himself to break the slow, steady rhythm that kep building me back to climax after climax. Finally, long after the lights in all the buildings around were out, he thrust into me, surrendering to the urges that had built within him through our many hours on the floor. His thrusts now taking on the unbridled urgency of a wild stud. He filled me with his sperm ... and kept spurting and spurting. It gushed out of me, my own juices causing a wet spot to spread across the carpet. ---------------------------------------------------- Her skirt rode up her legs to a height that almost revealed the bottom of her panties. Her ass was magnificent! Nicely shaped, with her skirt pulled tight around it, it was too much to resist. I stepped up very close behind her, wanting to press my straining cock into her ass, but instead, stopping bare inches before making contact. I said "Can I help you?" Anita leaned back into me, grinding her luscious butt on my crotch, "I hoped you would." "Oooh", she moaned as she laid her head on one arm folded across the desk and hiked up her skirt with the other, while humping against me with her ass. I held onto her waist as I returned her pressure against me, grinding my hard dick against her ass. By now my cock was immense, wanting to be freed, wanting to be in her. Anita was keeping up a steady motion and making soft moaning sounds. In one fluid motion she stood up and turned around while dropping her skirt. I kissed her hard and felt her hot, probing tongue enter my mouth. She pressed her body against mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest and pulled her tighter against me. I reached around and squeezed her ass in my hands. Anita's breathing was heavy, and I was getting extremely excited. We let go of each other and I stood back to look at her. She had kicked off her shoes and her legs, long and lean, were smooth as silk. Her panties were so skimpy they were almost not there, they were so thin I could see her ample bush of red pubic hair through them and how she was already wet with excitement. I reached for the buttons on her blouse. Starting from the bottom, I released them one by one. Her blouse opened to reveal her gorgeous breasts. I leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth as my hands moved up to caress her magnificent orbs. They were large and I was surprised at their firmness. I I ran my hands down her sides and squeezed her ass, then, still frenching with her I caressed her back until I came upon the strap to her bra. Anita let out an audible sigh as her bra strap came free. She reached up and loosened my tie then began to unbutton my shirt. I took my tie completely off and kicked off my shoes as Anita reached my belt. She played her fingers over the belt then squeezed my bulging cock as she whispered "Why do I want you so bad?". I stepped back, reaching up to slide her blouse off of her shoulders, as it fell to the floor, Anita shrugged her bra off and proudly displayed her tits. They were big and perky. Her areolas were half again as big as a silver dollar, with nipples as big as my thumb and protruding half an inch. They looked so excellent! I put my mouth on her left nipple, feeling it grow and harden as I sucked and licked it. Anita was crooning and as I moved to suck her other nipple she unbuckled my belt and released the catch on my pants, which fell about my ankles. I buried my face in her cleavage and she squeezed her breasts against my face. Anita pressed her breasts against me. She moved them up and down and back and forth across my face before moving down to my chest. She continued down my body, rubbing in a circular motion while kissing and nipping my chest. As she reached my stomach, she slid her hands down my back and under my shorts. She didn't stop, and ran her hands down over my ass and down my legs, carrying my shorts off. As I stepped out of my shorts and pants, Anita was rubbing her lips and cheeks up and down the entire length of my hard cock. I watched as she kneeled in front of me, kissing and licking the underside of my prick from the base to just under the head. My legs were shaking as she had my ass in both hands and was nibbling all around my cock and balls. My cock was hard as steel, wet with Anita's saliva and twitching with excitement. Anita rolled her eyes up to look at me as she began to suck my raging penis into her hot mouth. Her lips moved over my cock head and down the shaft until she had swallowed all of it. I groaned with pleasure as she sucked on my entire cock, flicking her tongue across the bottom then releasing pressure, sliding her mouth back, letting my cock come almost completely out of her mouth, then going slowly back down to swallow even more. I ran my fingers through Anita's silky hair, grabbing handfuls and pumping my hips slowly as she continued to suck me deeply into her mouth. Anita started to move faster and I felt a surge building deep in my balls. She was taking my entire length into her mouth. I could feel myself coming up against the back of her throat, and she wanted more of it. Anita was grunting and slurping as my cock drove in and out of her mouth. She liked what she was doing and she was good at it. I held fistfuls of her auburn hair as I pumped my cock into her welcoming mouth. Anita was bobbing her head, feverishly sucking my dick while she was griping and stroking the base of my cock with her hand. She began to coo as she tasted the pre-come that started to spill from my penis. I could feel an orgasm coming. My toes were curled tight, my legs were tense and my butt was clenched as I felt the excitement build. I lost all sense of time and place as the sensation built to a climax. Anita continued to voraciously suck and pull on my cock, licking it, swallowing it. I felt as hard as granite and as big as a tree and I could feel it in the bottom of my balls as I started to come. My cock throbbed, sending waves of pleasure and pain through my rod, pumping a huge load of come into Anita's mouth. My cock kept pulsating and throbbing, shooting great wads of come. Anita was lapping it all up, swallowing my cock as I was coming and licking the head of my cock and rubbing it across her lips as come pulsed from me. She still held me around the base of my cock and as my orgasm began to fade she milked every last drop from me. My orgasm was so forceful my legs were shaking and weak. I had never experienced anything so good and looked down in amazement as Anita slid her mouth off my cock. She had come on her face and was licking it off her lips. As I helped her shakily to her feet she said "ooh, I love that, I love the taste of your come!" She licked her lips then kissed me. As she kissed me she darted her tongue, wet with my come and her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good. I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I sucked first the right nipple while gently holding and squeezing her left breast. Then I started to lick her entire tit and moved my mouth to suck her left nipple and flick it with my tongue. I then started to kiss my way down her flat stomach, arriving at the waist band of her panties. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her pussy through the sheer fabric of her panties. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I licked at her through her panties as Anita began to sigh and grind her crotch into my face. I reach up and with both hands pulled her panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and leaned back against the desk. I picked up the panties and looking at her held them to my nose as I drew in her wonderful scent. I dropped them to the floor, then I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth. Anita sat back on the desk and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips Anita put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. I again licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a flower blossoming. I then licked harder, my tongue going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar and ending up on her hardening clit. I licked circles around her clit as Anita began to moan. Then I moved down and stuck my tongue into her pussy as deep as it would go, flicking it in and out and up and down tasting her sweet juices. Anita was pulling me to her with her legs and grinding her pussy into my face. I was driving my tongue in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her hips up and down, then I moved down and began to rim her ass hole. As I flicked my tongue around her tight bum hole, I could feel it begin to relax and my tongue was able to enter a little ways. I moved back to her dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as deep as it would go, swallowing the love juices running from her cunt, then sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her some more, then sucking her clit. As I sucked her clit, I would flick little circles on it with my tongue. Anita was now really grinding her pussy into my face and making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelping, telling me to lick and suck and eat her. I was hard again by this time, tasting Anita's cunt and listening to the sounds she was making. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy as she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her soaking pussy. I moved down and licked her ass hole some more and it was puckering tight then relaxed then tight again. I moved back to her pussy and put my tongue in deep, at the same time sucking her clit. I had a mouthful of cunt. I was grinding my tongue as far as it would go and moving my head up and down. Anita was constantly moaning now, she had both her hands on my head pulling my hair, pulling my head closer to her cunt. I moved my tongue up to her clit again and I knew she was going to come. Anita was holding me like a vice, grinding her pussy into my face. As I continued to lick her clit her I could feel her legs tense and she was saying "Oh yess, Oh yess, come on honey, come on honey I'm going to come, I'm going to come, I'M GOING TO COME!!!, OOOOOH, OOOOOH YES, YES, I'M COMMMINGGG UNGGGHH, YES!!!, AAAhhhhaaa, YESSS, I'M COMING!!!" Anita's pussy opened wide and drenched my mouth and face with her delicious come. As she came I lapped up all I could and she kept grinding against my mouth. I kept licking but soon Anita pushed me away saying "No, No, its too much, its too much." I got up, and sat down on the office chair. I had a huge grin to go with the giant hard on that I again had. Anita looked at my cock sticking eight inches straight up and with a grin as big as mine, slid off the desk, stepped over to me and slowly lowered herself onto my swollen cock. Her pussy was still dripping and I slid in easily, filling her with my thick length. Her womanhood wrapped around my shaft like a glove as she put her arms around my neck, leaned her head back and gave a deep sigh saying "oooohhh, God that's perfect!" Then she rotated her hips and moved farther down onto my penis. My cock was as hard as a two by four and the feeling of being buried to the hilt inside Anita was absolutely amazing. It must have been the same for her because already I could feel her wetness soaking out and onto my balls. She leaned down and kissed me tenderly as we sat like that, my cock deep inside her, not moving, just experiencing each other. As we kissed I ran my hands over her body, across her back, caressing her breasts and she let her hands run over my body as well. I could feel her pussy begin to grip my cock. Gently at first, making my cock twitch in response. It was so subtle, felt so wonderful. Her pussy would contract around my cock causing it to throb, the throb then making her pussy contract again, only this time more insistently. This went on for about five minutes as we continued to kiss and touch each other. Soon, Anita was gently rocking on my cock and I was leaning back in the chair, moving my hips to Anita's slow rhythm. I reached up and held both her breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as she arched back putting her hands behind her on my knees, grinding her pussy onto my cock. As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her ass, pulling her onto me. I leaned back again, arching my hips to drive deeper into Anita's cunt. Anita bore down with her pussy, grinding it onto my cock, taking every inch into her. Our pace began to quicken. Anita was raising her hips higher, taking longer strokes of my cock, I was in awe as I watched her riding me, watching my big cock split her pussy, watching as her pussy loved on my cock, making it wet, stroking it, swallowing it. Anita now had her feet on the floor straddling me as I leaned back in the office chair. She was riding my cock with long strokes now, fucking down with her tight pussy, taking my entire length inside her, then raising up, letting six or seven inches slide out then coming back down onto me. I was matching her stroke for stroke, pumping my cock up into her to meet her down stroke, driving my big dick as deep as it would go. Our fucking was getting quite vigorous and Anita's pussy was slurping, glishing and farting as my cock pistoned in and out. Her wetness was flowing now, drenching my cock and balls, making the chair wet. The chair, with pneumatic height adjustment, was bouncing up and down with our movement. Anita kept stroking and fucking my cock with her glorious pussy, and I watched as my thick member was engulfed time and again. She would change the rhythm, from fast and frantic to long and slow then back again. She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like "Ooooh yes, Oooh harder, harder, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me, yesss! Your cock, its so, its so fucking good!" It turned me on, making my cock stiff to hear how she loved fucking my erectness. The smell of our sex filled the office. Anita was fucking me hard now, riding up the entire length of my penis then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against mine then riding up again. Anita was throwing her head back and forth saying "Yes, ooh yes, oh God yes!" as she thrashed on top of my big dick. I could feel my cock bumping her cervix and going to the very depths of her vagina. Her wetness was continuously flowing, soaking our crotches as I felt my cock grow even larger as I got ready to come. I reached up, grabbing her big tits and squeezing them in both my hands. Anita increased her pace, riding my cock faster and faster with long strokes. She looked almost delirious, her long hair flung about, her hands grabbing at my chest, scratching, grabbing my legs pulling me to her as she rode my big dick, frantically trying to get every inch available. Her pussy was making squishing and fucking sounds as my cock drove up into her wetness. I felt my cock throb once, getting ready to explode into her juicy cunt. I said "Oooh baby, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come in you!" Anita said "Yes!, Yes!, come in my pussy, fuck my pussy till you come! Fill my cunt with your big prick! Fill my cunt with come!" She was in ecstasy, wantonly riding my stiff cock, on the verge of orgasm. Her pussy was opening up taking all of me, taking so much I could feel her pussy lips on by balls. I was getting close, very close. My precome was adding to the wetness that was in her, flowing from her, drenching my cock and balls. I was straining to ram my cock as hard and far into her pussy as I could and she was taking all of it and then some, grinding back, swallowing my now giant cock with her cunt. We were fucking fast and furious now driving toward orgasm, losing track of time or setting. I could feel my orgasm building, and fucked Anita even harder trying to bring it on. Anita was crying "Fuck me!, Yes!, Oh God Yes!, Fuck me deep!, Fuck me hard!, Hard!, Harder!, Fuuuckk meee!, Fuuuckk mmmee! I'm going to come! I'm going to come!" I was going to come and at the same time I could feel Anita's cunt closing, pulsing, gripping the base of my shaft. I yelled "Oooh here I come! I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna come!" I felt my cock swell to immense proportions then just explode, pumping a gusher of come into Anita's pussy. My cock was throbbing and pulsating gigantically, pumping and pumping loads of come into her wanting cunt. Anita was yelling, "Oh Yes! Ooooh Yes! I'm Coming! I'm Coming! I'M COMING!!!", and she rode my spurting cock for all it was worth, grinding herself down on it, taking the entire eight thick inches into her, squirming on it, riding up again only to thrust back down onto my pole. I could feel her cunt pulsating as my cock continued to throb and pump come into her. I watched as she stroked her pussy up my dick, come dripping from her pussy, making my cock slick, soaking our pubic hair. Then she would come back down, taking every inch, squirming to get more. As we slowed, Anita was softly moaning, I was getting my breathing under control. We stopped with her sitting on top of me with my cock still buried inside her. I said, "Wow, I didn't know there could be sex like this!" Anita said "I didn't know there would be cocks like this!", as she started to make her pussy massage my cock again. I just laid back and said "Oooh boy, that was fantastic!" Anita said "Your not finished yet are you?" I was incredulous, we had been sucking, fucking and eating for almost an hour. Anita stood up slowly letting my cock slip from her pussy. She watched with a gleam in her eye as my cock slid out. "There's one hole you haven't stroked that magnificent cock of yours into." My cock had been approaching half mast and decreasing but now it was jumping to attention. I knew what she meant but asked, "What do you mean?" anyway. She said "I want you to fuck me in the ass!" I couldn't wait, my cock was now fully erect again. I didn't know I was capable of this. Anita bent over the desk with her head resting on her folded arms and her beautiful ass sticking in the air waiting to be fucked. "Be gentle with me" she said, "I've never had one in there." I said, "I'm a virgin at this too, but I'll be easy." I moved up behind her rubbing my cock against her buttocks and running it across her ass hole. I thought "My cock will never fit in there." I rubbed by cock across Anita's still sopping pussy then pushed it in to get some lubrication. She groaned with pleasure. Then I bent over and began to lick her ass hole. I licked it up and down and then tried to wiggle my tongue in there. Anita moaned and squirmed saying "Oh God!" I felt her sphincter loosen and begin to open as I darted my tongue around and into her hole. When I had it plenty wet, I stood, my cock was enormous and felt hard as a telephone pole. I put the head of my penis against her pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in then slowly withdrew it, now slick with her wetness. Anita was shaking with anticipation as I put my cock head up against her ass hole, guiding it with my hands. I rubbed it a little then Anita pushed back and the head of my cock disappeared into her ass. Anita took a sharp intake of breath then sighed. I asked "How is it?" Anita said "Big!" I held her by the hips as I slowly pushed my eight inches into Anita's tight little ass hole. Anita groaned and pushed back against me as I entered her. When I was all the way in I stopped. She said "Oh God, it feels so fucking big! Ooh its so fucking big, its so good, I never thought it would be like this!" Her ass hole was tight and hot. I could feel the tightness of her sphincter around the base of my shaft. God it was so tight. I started to gently stroke my cock in and out and could feel her hole relax, accepting my big penis into her nether region. Anita was groaning, saying "Yes, Yes, I want that big fucking cock, Fuck my ass hole with your big cock!" I started to move more, the lubrication was good and Anita started to move with me. I didn't know how much I could take. The smell was like an aphrodisiac and just watching my cock pump in and out of Anita's ass was getting me excited. I was taking long steady strokes in and out of Anita's ass hole. Anita was pushing back to meet me every time I would push it in. She was making sounds now, "Oh, oh, oh, oooh", every time I would fuck my big dick into her. This was fantastic, her ass hole was tight, I had never fucked anything like this. My cock was getting harder, bigger, getting ready to come. I kept on stroking my cock into her as her cries became louder, more insistent. My precome was draining from my cock, giving more lubrication, I was pulling my cock half way out then ramming it back in as Anita would push back to meet me, taking all of me into her cherry ass hole. Anita was constantly moaning now, holding onto the desk to brace against my thrusts, moving in concert with me, fucking me with her ass hole. I was getting ready to come, taking long fast strokes into Anita's ass, burying my cock to the hilt then pulling back then burying myself again. She was bouncing back against me, fucking back hard saying "Yes! oh God Yes!. I held her by the hips as I rammed my cock into her. I could feel my come building as her tight ass hole pulled and stroked my cock. I felt my big dick begin to throb and pulsate as I started to fill Anita's ass with my come. Anita let out a sob as she felt my cock explode inside her and began to come and come. I was coming and fucking my cock into Anita's ass hole and could feel it as she came. Her sphincter gripped my cock and I could feel her pussy pulsating from inside her ass. Anita was yelling "Yes! I'm coming! Oooh yess! Don't' stop! I'm coming!" I continued to piston my dick into her. Come was dripping out of her ass hole and running down her crack as I fucked her. Anita was still coming, I could feel her insides vibrate and her sphincter gripping my cock as I continued to ram it into her. Anita was yelling and crying out "Ooooh I'm coming! Ooooh Yess, Yesss Yessss! Ohhh..Ahhh...Yesss!" I was ramming my dick deep into Anita's ass hole as she came and came and lost control and was wetting herself as she came and I fucked her up the ass. I could feel the wetness running down my legs as she pissed and suddenly I was coming again, my cock exploding, shooting wads of come into Anita's ass hole. I kept ramming my big cock into her now slick and dripping ass hole and kept on coming like there would be no end. My cock throbbed and pulsed as I rammed it into her and and she bucked against me. Finally after a several minutes we began to subside and I slowly slowed and finally stopped stroking it into her. We stood like that momentarily, breathing hard, reflecting on what we had just experienced, her, bent over the desk with her head turned to one side, hair splayed out, me behind her leaning on her back with my cock still sunk deep into her ass hole. We were both covered with sweat and the smell of sex filled the air. Then I withdrew my cock from her ass hole and we both lay down on the carpet, exhausted. After a while we cleaned ourselves up as best we could and got dressed. Then we straightened up the office, picking up things we had knocked over and collecting papers together. When we thought we were composed and got ready to leave Anita kissed me on the mouth giving me some tongue then said, "I have to have more of that big cock of yours!" I said "It would be my pleasure", and opened the door to let Anita out. As I escorted Anita back to her WORK STATION we were met by many knowing stares and smiles. When I returned to my office, there was Samantha from across the hall, whom I'd lusted after for months, sitting on my chair, legs splayed wide, skirt hiked up, panties off and her fingers working on her pussy. She said "I heard what I've been missing..."

his lips against hers, then on her neck, as his hips thrust at her and his cock pushed against her belly, then slid down, seeking the heat between her legs. She opened her legs, pulling her thighs open with her hands as she had done in the dream, as he moved farther down, nestling father into her; and then he slid forward again, and she bucked her hips in response, as he entered her, penetrating her to her very core in one stroke. She cried out then, the first truly audible sound she'd made since entering the bar, but her cry was quickly muffled by his lips. They fought again with their tongues, she trying again to drink him in, at the same time thrusting her hips to meet his as she tried to posers him this way also. She bit his neck, pulled at his hair, ran her nails over his skin; she flicked at his nipples, as hard as hers now, eliciting a cry from him; he pulled at her breasts, nibbling, nipping, pinching her nipples; and all the while they moved, bucked, slammed against each other. His cock speared her again and again, hard and fast, reaching some center deep within her that knew nothing but white, clear pleasure. Her pussy closed around him, hugged him, clasping him in a grip which knew no surcease, which would never let him free, not while this intense pleasure could continue. Her legs spread wide for him, letting him deeper; her feet, still encased in the shoes, caressed his calves and the backs of his knees. Suddenly the center deep within her exploded, a white-hot burst that stole her breath and her senses, left her falling endlessly in a world of pleasure. Dimly she was aware of his motions, and of hers, but she sensed nothing directly, nothing but the fire which burned her mind to ashes, left her with nothing but desire, nothing but lust. She found her breath, and screamed, as the explosion repeated itself, her pussy throbbing, squeezing the cock within it now, as she reveled in the sensation. She felt him move faster now, working toward his own release, and she moved to help, feeling the fire inside her building once again. She flicked at his nipples, bit his neck, rocked her hips in time with his motions, felt herself throb inside as she tried to coax his pleasure out of him. He stiffened, and she thrust her hips toward him, impaling herself deeply; and she felt the first wild, liquid burst, his entire body shuddering with the release of it. He arched his back, and she moved to follow, as he spasmed again and again, his release fueling her passion, bringing her closer to her own immolation once again. Suddenly she felt him relax, though his cock was still hard inside her. Her own climax was only moments away, but he had stopped; he was not moving. Desperately, almost angrily, she brought her legs up, and, still wearing the shoes, dug her spike heels into his thighs, spurring him. He gasped, and fell forward, and into her again. She flexed her legs even more, bringing her knees even with her breasts, and prodded him again, this time in his rear, at the top of his thighs. She brought her hands down to his buttocks, pulling him into her desperately, raking her nails across his skin. She needed him -- no, she thought, not him. She needed cock -- pure, sweet, and simple, nothing and no one attached, just this, yes, just pure unadulterated pleasure, just a cock to fill her, to touch her so deeply, where she couldn't touch herself, to fill her and ram into her, to stroke her, spread her, open her. Nothing but cock -- no name, no face, nothing else, just this. She was building toward her own private explosion again -- as was he, impossibly, as she felt him shudder and stiffen again, his cock going very hard and meeting her center again. She summoned all her strength then, and stopped, holding him still, prolonging the moment, her mouth open in a silent scream; stretching the pleasure until it became unbearable, agonizing, until her entire body was straining for release, and she thought Yes, yes, just a little longer, just a moment, stretch it until it's more than I can take, until I want to die from it, want it to possess me and take me, to burn me, to consume me, yes, yes -- She arched her back, meeting his hips one last time, impaling herself impossibly deeply, her scream matching his, feeling herself throbbing, not merely between her legs but from head to toe, her arms and legs locking around him, holding him tight, as she felt him spend himself inside her, writhing against her, unable and unwilling to escape her passion, his hands balling into fists behind her back, striking the mattress, his thighs and arms clenching, relaxing, clenching, and relaxing again, as he laid down on her and she released her grip on him, caressing him, soothing him as he did her. ----------------------------------------------------- Her body was lovely, womanly, rounded thighs, large but not huge breasts, that just overflowed my hand. Big nipples, a slightly rounded tummy, a beautiful mediterranean ass, and the most magnificent chocalate brown mound I've ever seen completed the picture. My cock was pressed against my jeans harder than I'd ever felt it, it hurt. I dropped my scanner, and felt my legs buckle. I found myself on my knees staring into that flower. I looked up. Her breasts were hanging at my forehead. I reached up a little bit and kissed them, touching them slightly and brushing her nipples. I turned downward, running my tongue down the middle of her belly until I reached that marvelous patch. I reached around and held her solid ass with my hands pressing her to my face as I pressed my all-to-eager tongue into her valley. She made a small sound, a gasp and tried to squat down a little bit and spread her legs. I couldn't bend down that far, and she couldn't stand even with my hands on her ass pressing her to me. I pulled her a little bit, with my hands and pushed with my tongue. she fell backwards onto the bed, her calves hanging over the side. Her legs fell open enough for me to fit between them. I took my time now and looked longingly at that beautiful forest. It was dark brown, filled with small tight curls that completely hid the mystery inside it. Beginning just below her belley button and spreading thickly to a pear shape as it disapeared between her legs. I used my tongue to tease the hairs appart as I worked my way deeper into that jungle. When I felt her lips, I began to work my way between them, bringing my hands up to tease them appart. After a minute or so of this, I picked my head up and looked at her. She was staring straight up at the ceiling, not moving, perfectly relaxed. I looked again at her mound, it seemed to be swelling at me, almost breathing a little. My hands finished the job of separating her lips and exposing her clitoris. It stood their, pulsing in a sea of juices. I bent back down and stroked it just slightly with the tip of my tongue. She groned then, and twisted her hips as if to hide from the tongue's touch. Not that she was going anywhere. I gripped her a little harder, leaning my arms on her ample hips to hold her down, and began to stroke her stiffining clit with my second (and perhaps best) pleasure organ. She let out a few deep breaths and began thrusting her pussy at my tongue just a little bit. I tried to match the rythm of her swells with my strokes as they became more demanding. After a minute she fell completely quiet and still. I had no clue, I just kept stroking, slowly making it a little harder, a little faster. It seemed like a long time doing this, maybe five minutes. Then suddenly she jerked just a little, her pussy arched she made a low moan, tensed, then was quiet for a second, I could feel her tummy stiffen, then she let out a loud set of quick moans, almost screams punctuated by deep intakes of breath, while her body convulsed. She twisted from side to side, again to escape me. My hands lost her lips, but I pressed my tired tongue into her salty pond forcing it between her lips, darting, and stroking until she quieted down and was silent. I stood up. I was still completely dressed. The woman, whose name I still didn't know, was just staring at me. I began to undress as she watched. First my shoes and socks, then my pants. When I lowered my underware, my cock shot out and bounced. I felt like it was going to burst. She stared straight at it as I removed my shirt. I'm not any bigger then the average man, but to me it sure felt bigger then I could remember it for a while, and I got the impression she hadn't seen an organ standing at attention for her sake in some time. She was so open and ripe I could see her pink valley, a grand canyon, even through her now dripping wet, ample mass of hair. When completely undressed, I stepped up to the bed. To bring my pole to her sopping pussy, which I wanted to feel envelope me more then anything at that moment, I had to leverage myself on my thighs, with my knees off the bed and my toes on the floor. I surveyed her body again, stroking one of her breasts with my hand as I leaned over her and came to face her, my eyes but a foot from hers. She looked right at my face. "What do you want me to do?" she said. They were the first words she had spoken since her robe fell to the ground. "I want to fuck you", I said. "I want you to fuck me." She reached for my cock and wraped her fingers around it, I thought I'd explode right then. She thrust her hips wide appart, brought her legs into the air, and rolled her pussy towards me. I felt her pushing down on my cock until the tip brushed the opening of her soaking wet hole. I pushed, and my pillar sank into the most magnificent pit I'd ever experienced; wet, ripe, hot. Her jewel was a fire, a cauldren fueled by passion, craving my pile's penetration. As I pulled back it drew me down again, milking me as I sought to bury every millimeter of my throbing ram in her burning furnace. As I fucked her she began to snake her way a little further onto the bed working her hips and ass in rythm with my pounding cannon. I had to pull myself up a little with every insistant thrust. She began to twist a little more with each drive as if pulling away, but I wouldn't let her, I grabbed her hands above her head with mine and held them down. After a half more minute or so she worked her feet up onto the bed and used them to arch her back thrusting her prize into the air, and lifting me with it. I had to let go of her hands to keep my balance, she brought her arms to her side, and thrust one hand between my pubic bone and the top of her cleft, massaging her clit. With her other hand she reached around her ass, between her legs and began stroking my balls. I put my weight on her, laying hard on her chest, feeling the swell of her breasts on mine. I pulled my hands down and under her, reaching towards myself and gripped her tensed, quivering ass. I pulled it towards me crushing her to me each time I split her cavernous crack. I was in a precarious position. My ankles hung off the bed, my hips rode on hers a foot and a half in the air, and my face was buried straight down on the bed along side her neck. I could feel her sweat, hear her breathing, and smell her passion, but I could hardly breath, and my neck was kinked! I couldn't take much more of this. My cock was pulsing so hard with every impulse it actually hurt. I knew I would explode any second and I squeezed myself shut as hard as I could to keep it going. As it was, it didn't last much longer. I let out something between a sigh and a moan when my dam broke. I heard her say "don't stop!", I wasn't going to stop, come was flowing from me like water from a hose as I kept ramming my jamb into her steaming bore. Six or ten thrusts later and I was still feeling the end of it, I was still hard when she cried out, twice. Her body shivered, with its second orgasm. The walls of her dripping palace grasped my pipe, sucking from it the last drops of syrup in her spasms of pleasure. Her legs collapsed, I collapsed too, right on top of her. I spent another minute on top of her then rolled off. We both lay there still breathing hard. The first words were hers. "I can't believe I did that." "I can't either," I replied, and unprotected I thought. "For what its worth," I said "I've been having sex with only one woman for the past seventeen years." I looked at her then, took in her tossled hair, the curve of her neck, the rise and fall of her breasts, and that delicious hill of dark wet curls that again hid what I had so completely had only moments before. She turned and looked at me. "I haven't had real sex in almost three years," she said. "What's your name?" "Jay", I replied, I lied. "And you?" "Linda", she said. We j