Y2K Psalm (based on Psalm 139)       O Lord, You have searched me, and known me.       You know when I sit down at my PC and when I step away. You   understand my modem and the whole e-mail thing.       You know the way I let the Internet waste my time, but too, how it   has let me keep in contact with family and friends around the globe.       Even before I've touched the keyboard, You know what I'll write. It   is hard for me to comprehend that You're standing at my shoulder   everytime I sign on.       You are awesome, Lord, and the Y2K uncertainties can't disturb You   like they do me and lots of people around me. Where can I go that   Your spirit isn't with me? Or could I get away from Your love and   protection if I was running in fear come Jan. 1, 2000?       If my electricity shuts down, You are there. If I have to sleep   under 2 down comforters to keep warm when my gas furnace fails to operate, You are there. If the city can't keep the water pumping, or my ATM won't dispense cash, You'll take care of me.       "surely the darkness will overwhelm me,"       Even the darkness is not dark to you, and the night is bright as the   day. Darkness and light are alike, to You.       You made me Lord, and You love me. Your works have no glitches, no   shutdowns, no power failures.       My days, with or without computers, were planned by You before I was   even born! You, Lord, are without limits, always knowing and   seeing and doing.       Faith in technology is a sin, and I pray for Your forgiveness for   the times I've trusted it with my comfort, happiness and cash. Help   me to be faithful to You and not panic when I hear of shortages,     outages and chaos. Help me to be prepared to help others, physically   and spiritually.       Let me be an enemy of fearmongers and help me to show those who are   truly afraid of the future how to put their trust in You, Lord, the   Almighty One.       Keep Your eye on me, O God, and touch my heart. Give me Your peace,   and make me share it with others. Keep my eyes on You, now and   forever. Amen