HERBAL BATH BAGE                   Tie these spearmint and elder flower bags under running bath water.                           4 ounces rolled oats, chopped             2 ounces elder flowers, crushed       2 ounces nettle leaves, crushed 2 ounces spearmint, crushed           1 ounce soapwort powder  1. Prepare the bags. The blend will yield sufficient mix to fill ten 2" by 3" drawstring bags.  2. In a bowl, mix  together all of the ingredients.  3. Spoon the mixture into the bags and  pull up and tie the drawstring.  Tie the bags under the bath faucet and  run hot water on them.. They are also called Bath Tea Bags as they are  much like a tea bag. You can make them very elegant or very plain  depending on the cloth you use. use an old coffee maker to scent up a room. By not using a filter, and adding a few drops of essential oils or por-pourri oil to the water and let it go through......  The heat will release the scent. I have yet to  try this....must dig up the old coffee-maker.