NO-CALORIE SUNDAE (BATH SALTS) Materials Glass or plastic ice cream sundae dish, 4 inches tall Round white nylon bath puff, 6" diameter Red or Pink round bath-oil bead. Plastic dessert spoon (or ice teaspoon) Bath Salts Pink ribbon rose with leaves, 1" across Pink double-sided satin ribbon, 1/8" wide, 24 inches Cellophane wrapping paper Curling ribbon Small gift card Instructions Place spoon into dish. Fill plastic bag with bath salts so that when bag is placed inside of dish the bath salts fill dish just below rim. Twist top of bag closed; seal with transparent tape. Place bag in dish. Fluff bath puff. Place puff, with string at bottom, into dish. Place bath  bead on top of puff. Fold satin ribbon into small multiloop bow. Glue center of bow to top of toothpick. Glue ribbon rose to center of bow. Push toothpick into puff. Cut a 26' square from cellophane wrapping paper. Place sundae in center of paper. Gather paper around stem of dish. Tie several strands of ribbon  around dish stem; curl ribbon. Gather paper at top of sundae; tie with  curling ribbon in the same wat as stem. To attach gift card, punch hole  in upper left corner. Tie card to ribbon steamers at top of sundae.