~My Past Horses~

This was my first horse Gypsy, I was in 7th grade and she was a TWH cross. She was sweet but not a beginners horse unfortuntly so I only had her a few months.

This little fireball here is Scarlet, an Arabian mare given to me by my brother in law and father in law as a wedding present. She was a thrill to ride and have around! VERY unpredictible! We had loads of fun though.

This was Velvet, a TWH mare we had for 6 days then lost to colic. She was a sweet and gently gal that I hated to loose, but at least she's running in the lush fields across the rainbow bridge.

This lovely gal is Dollar, a Standardbred racking horse we had for a little over a year. She could get down the road at a good smooth gait! I still miss her.

This little mare is one of the sweetest horses I've ever worked with. She was up there in age, and had a bad knee but she had a heart of gold and would willingly do whatever you asked her. She was our daughter's horse until due to a farrier's shabby work became unrideable. We gave her to an older couple who just wanted a companion horse. She has been sorely missed.

This gorgeous guy is Heatherstone Beau Geste, aka Bo. He is a Morgan gelding I leased in 1999. A wonderful horse, I simply couldn't stand to ride him due to my medical problems. He also had a heart of gold and was a big baby!

This little guy is Deigo, a Paso Fino colt who was here for a few months. He was really sweet, but regretfully we wasn't able to keep him.

Of course I still have my boy Angel Buckito de Cielos, aka Kito, my wonderful lil' Paso Fino gelding I wouldn't take the world for! You can see him on my other pages dedicated just to him.



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