Hi! Welcome to our Racing pages! The guys, Noel, Tikie and Adam, started building "00" last summer of 2001 and it's ready now for the 2002 season beginning soon. They are all eager and excited. They race at the Hatfield-McCoy Speedway outside of Gilbert, WV.

I'm Noels wife and currently know very little :o) about racing! So starting out these pages will basically be photos while learning about this great sport. Tikie is my father-in-law and Adam is my brother-in-law. I'm slowly learning by asking questions listening to them and a friend of ours, Bonnie. Theres another racing team in the family, J & J Racing, one of the drivers being Josh my other brother-in-law. I'll be putting a few pics of them here too as well as pics of the 2 Lafferty "mascots" Noela and Jasmine! Noela(6) is mine and Noels daughter and Jasmine(1.5) is Josh & Kims daughter. Then as I learn more I'll hopefully add some other info too along with links.

Enjoy your visit!

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