~A Trusting Moment~

We're always reading about how people are laying down with there horses and drifting off to dream, or how a horse will lay his head in the owners lap. When you read these stories you think to yourself, "One of these days my horse will be like that with me". Let me tell you, when that day finally comes it will be worth the wait.

I've had Buckito 7 months now. He and I developed a bond from the beginning stronger than I have ever had with another horse. He will be running and bucking in the field acting like a wild bronc and all I have to do is go out and whistel or say his name and he immeditly stops and comes to the fence or to me. When I ride him it's like a switch clicks and he knows mom is up there and he has to take care of me. He does whatever I ask willingly and with all that's in him.

I will go over and sit on the ledge of his stall and he'll lay his head in my lap or on my shoulder. I felt that was pretty special in itself. It is nothing compared to the feeling I had last month when I went over to the barn a little after midnight for our nightly visit. If I don't go over at least once a night he will pout on me the next morning. This particular night I caught him laying down. He would normally jump up when he heard me coming, but I went in quietly that night, and talked to him softly so he just turned his gorgeous head toward me and softly nickered.

I climbed over the ledge and walked over to him and sat down by his head. He just turned those soft brown eyes on me and nudged my knee. I had a few carrots with me of course, and he knew it. I broke one into a few pieces and fed it to him, then just sat there rubbing his head and neck and talking to him. I don't know how long we did this, but his nose kept dropping lower and lower until finally he just laid his head in my lap. Oh what a feeling! It was indescrible. Only another horse lover would understand.

I stayed over there for over an hour and Buckito finally dozed off. I just kept on talking to him and rubbing his neck. When I was ready for bed myself I gently shook him awake and fed him the other carrot, gave him a hug and kiss on the nose and went to the house.

It seemed that night sealed our bond even tighter. Those who know me know that I have a seizure disorder and bad back, to name a few of my problems. Buckito can sense when I'm feeling bad or close to having an attack. He will pace the fence line here beside the house nickering at me until I come out to let him know I'm ok. If we're on a ride and I start feeling bad I can hardly get him to go faster than a walk if were by the house but if were on the trail he'll corto just as smoot as silk as if he's trying to get me home quickly. Some would say I'm crazy for believing this, but unless you know horses, you would simply have to see it. Anytime I start getting moody or grumpy(to put it nicely!) Noel sends me to the barn. He knows just talking to, brushing or riding Kito will calm me down. Buckito is more than a horse to me and my family, he's a friend and part of the family.

~Our First Show~

On June 17, 2000 Buckito and I had our first show!! It turned out so much better than I could have hoped or dreamt! It was just a little local show, but there were a lot of people and horses there. At the beginning of each show they play the national antham and have 3 horses carring flags. A friend of mine rode Buckito in this ceremony and the flag didn't bother him in the slightest!! For his age and it being his first time I was very proud.

We decided to enter 2 classes, Country Pleasure and Ladies Racking. I know, he's not a racking horse, but it was the closest they had. We went to this show for fun and the experience and ended up with more than we bargained for! In Country Pleasure we placed 1st! and in Ladies Racking we placed 3rd! Several people told me that we we're robbed of first, but I didn't care. I was busting with pride for my boy! Not too shabby for an ol' country gal either! ~VBG~

He didn't spook or try and bolt at anything like I figured and performed like a pro! The night would have been perfect had my husband and best friend been there, but hubby was fishing and my best friend had planned to show but while practicing before the show she jumped the arena fence on Roy, her horse, to avoid colliding with a little 6 year old boy who was in the ring. Roy stumbled his second stride in the loose sand and went down. Marg tried to catch herself and hurt her wrist. She also sustained a concusion and had to be took to the hospital.

I was ready to go home because of this, but between my hubby and friends I was basically told that if I wanted to go home I was going to have to walk. I knew I would sit at home and worry so finally decided to stay. Marg told me that she is glad I stayed and that she was with me in spirit.

All in all it was a good night! To say the least! I'm waiting on some pics, and will post them asap! We're now practiceing for the next show, and my 5 year old daughter Noela will be in the Lead-Line class on Buckito. We can't wait!! We're also hoping Marg will be able to ride in that show.



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