As you can see by now, Buckito is one of the main joys of my life. I would truly be lost without him now, and feel blessed to have this wonderful animal as my friend. Some think that is "crazy" or "off the wall", but Kito is not only a horse to me or my family. He is my friend and I consider him part of my family.

You can see here that Kito is not only a joy to me, but to my 4 year old daughter Noela also. She is always helping me brush him and is so cute rubbing his nose and talking babytalk to him. He eats it up! I can't wait until I have him ready for her to ride with me. For now though she is content to help mom from the ground. He will let her lead him around, and his patience with her (and me) still astounds me. As I'm told over and over, "That's a Paso Fino for you"!!!!!



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