This is my boy Kito. He is a 3 yr old Capuchino grandson out of Bucanero de Casta and Equisita Especial. He came from Hidden VAlley Paso Finos in Chilchowie, Virginia. Where there are many many gorgeous Paso's!!

He had only been ridden a handful of times when I bought him, but he's calmer and better under saddle than some older horses I've known and worked with. He's very willing and giving.

One of the things I love most about him is how loving and affectionate he is. He is the biggest baby, and loves to ham it up:o) He will pout on me if I don't visit him enough or get him out to work often.

He has brought a lot into my life since he came home with me on Nov 15, 1998. I have always dreamnt of a horse like this but never thought I'd actually have him.
Angi & Kito

Now it didn't take me long to catch the Paso smile, All it took was one short mile.

Upon the back of my dear friend's mare, And I was caught in the Paso snare.

I live and breathe that marvelous horse, And nothing but a Paso will I ride, of course.

I ride hither and thither a huge smile on my chin, What I've come to understand is the Paso Grin.

Now my family and friends have I no time for, It's because of that horse that I want more.

Some say it's a shame, how can I live like this, but my Paso Fino I will not miss.

His needs will never ever go neglected, Because now I am Paso infected.

I have Paso in my heart, my soul, my blood, Even though at home, my name is mud.

So you will see me riding smoothly over the field, And nothing but a smile does my face yield.

The horse underneath me moving like a dream, And I find we make such a wonderful team.

I think, am I the only one to put my Paso first, And realize, with so much happiness I could burst, As I take a look around at all of you, And find that you have the "Paso Grin" too.

Your family, your friends, you've also put second, To the Paso world we have all been beckoned.

At this moment, I would just about dare, Even the bravest cowboy not to get caught in this snare.

Take away their quarter horse, cowboy boots, hat & lasso And put them on the back of a spectacular Paso.

Send them out on a ride so smooth it's a sin, And watch 'em return with the "Paso Grin".

Linda Moore

Angi & Kito

Kito Kito



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