If You Dare


Hi! Welcome to my hubby's page. He is a wonderful husband and daddy, which is what matters most to Noela and I!


He has been cutting timber since he was 16 and is hopefully now out of that field of work. He's been taking a break from that the past several months and has been doing a little construction work.

I don't know what I'd do without him. We've had our hard times as all couples have, but we've managed to work through them. He's wonderful with Noela, our 4 yr old daughter, who is defiently a daddy's girl!


This is just a page for me to show him off!

We are all very proud of him!!


Noel with his trusty companion Kringer! Kringe is a Pitt Bull who takes care of what & who he considers his!!

Noel with Heatherstone Beau Geste, a Morgan we had for a year.



Here are a few pics of Noel on a streetbike he used to have. He only had it a few months, then decided he wasn't the streetbike type and went back to a dirtbike :o) Thank god!!


He's getting ready for a ride here. My heart was always in my throat the whole time he was gone.

This is Noel on his last dirt bike, a 1998 Honda CR-500R. He's had 2 of these already, and now owns a Kawasaki KX 500. I'll have some pics of that up soon.


This is one of those bikes not many can ride. When I went to order it for him the salesman told me that not many people wanted one of these bikes and that it "took a real man to ride one". I told him I couldn't agree more!!!