A few months ago Noela was selling candy for a fundraiser at school. If a student sold so many items they won a ride in a limousine. More than a little exciting for elementary school children!!!

There was 5 other students in the school who sold enough to ride in the limo, & were proud to say Noela was the youngest! Above is a picture of the limo they got to ride in on December 5, 2000.

Noela getting out of Limo

Here's Noela getting out of the limo. I had told her I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it down to Pizza Hutt where they were taking them for lunch because I wanted to surprise her:o)


Guess my surprise worked!!! She was very happy to see me when she got out!


After some coaxing we got Noela to stand at the limo door for some pics from mommy & for the yearbook:o) As soon as we were finished though she was running to mommy again!

The kids had a great time eating lunch at Pizza Hut and riding in the limo, and Noela especially because she was the youngest.

They said on the way back to school the kids really boogied down, and that Noela really knew how. If it's one thing she loves to do it's dance! Her favorate song (for the moment) is Bad To the Bone. She'll go around singing it and dancing to it all the time.

Wish they would have had things like this way back when I was in Kindergarten! Would have made school much more enjoyable! LOL



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