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A Valentine gift to our little girl. Love ya sweetie. Mommie and Daddy.
Hi!! I'm Noela, and am 4 1/2 years old. My mommy is making this page for me because she loves me and likes to show me off. Don't know why :o) I may look like a little angel in this picture, but don't let my cute smile fool ya! I'm a little devil in disguise!!! But really deep down I'm a good girl. Mommy and daddy say that I'm better than a lot of kids they've seen, so guess I'm pretty good. When I wanna be that is!!!
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MLPf I love My Little Ponies! I have tons of them and keep trying to think of ways to con everyone into buying me more! I also like Telletubbies and Bear in the Big Blue House. I drive mommy and daddy crazy watching there videos! I'm just now starting to like Barbies and dolls, time for all that later. I'd much rather be outside riding and playing. MLPb
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This is me on my first day of headstart in Sep of 1998. Bear In the Big Blue House
I got a cute little vanity table for Christmas and am having a ball with it! I will sit in there for the longest time drying and curling my hair then pretending to put on some makeup. Mom thinks it's really adorable to watch! Noela09
Noela04 This is another of my loves, "woof-woofs". My favorate stuffed animal when I was a little baby was a cute little stuffed dalmation. I couldn't go anywhere without him! I still like to sleep with him and have close to 50 more! Dalmation
Noela07 Here I am with Chica and Bo. Chica was the horse I started learning to ride on. She's no longer with us but they are looking for me another horse. I only rode Bo with mommy a little, but not much, he was somewhat of a fireball!! I can't ride Kito, her new horse yet. He's not fully trained yet and mommy is afraid I will get hurt. Darn! Noela08
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