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Tribute To My Family

Where would I be without my family?? That is a question I ask myself daily. The Lord blessed me when he brought Noel and I together all those years ago and then again when we were given Noela. To not have them in my life, would be like not living at all. I know, I know, corny right? WRONG!!!! I used to think the same thing when someone would say that to me. But the feelings I get when I wake in my hubbys arms each morning then gazing down upon my daughters sleeping face are undescribeable.

No, things have not always been perfect, and we've had our battles and wars like any other family, but we've had the love blessed upon us to hold us together. Love is often taken for granted, which I believe is a shame. It is thrown away quickly at the first sign of trouble. With us, it was never like that. Even before Noela we knew we were meant to be together, he and I were soul-mates. Then Noela completed the circle meant for us.

I look around me and thank the Lord daily for my family. Not all are so lucky. We have our dreams that I know will be granted in time~when the time is right and meant for us. A song by Kenny Rogers comes to mind when I think of my family, He Will, She Knows that song could have been written for us.

Noela is our shining star. She is such a loving, joyful child I often worry about her. A mothers right I suppose. A fathers also when you think about it. She started Kindergarten this fall(2000) and it has been really hard on me. I wanted to homeschool her, but Noel was afraid it would make me worse and that I wouldn't be able to handle it. I would still love to, but he has convinced me to wait and see to give public school a chance. I know it's out of worry for me that he does this. Noela also enjoys the other children. She doesn't always want to do her work at school, but will come home and do it for me so I do not worry. I believe her biggest problem is she's too smart and get's bored too easily. As long as she does it for me, I'm satisfied.

I have lots more to add on this page, but I will stop for now and gather my thoughts so I'm not rambling so much! A bad habit of mine anymore.