These pages are in memory of those who lost thier lives and gave there all on 09~11~01. For someone like me who harldy leaves the house it is hard to visualize this happening. To think that something like this has happened and that so much previously taken for granted is no longer "there". Until I turn the television on, open certain emails or read the newspaper. Then Reality is back with a vengance.

While all seems the same and untouched here in WV, I know in my heavy heart that this is not so. I cannot bear to think of what may come next, and with an imagination and thoughts like mine this is quite easy to do.

I pray that Peace and Harmony will be upon us again soon.

So, I am showing my support the only way I am able, by passing on the memorials, tributes and words from myself and others. These you will find upon the following pages. Most of the Tributes will have a link back to the creators page and if this is not possible I will try to at least put the creators name under the tribute.

I am going to add to the Memory Quilt that many are making squares for and will put mine as well as those I find available on here too.

God Bless.